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Rajasthan (India), April 5: The 21st century has tested materialism, bringing many scientific revolutions, which have proven a boon for humanity. However, in the face of materialism, the principles of Gandhiji are still relevant, whether it is the mantra of satyagraha (non-violence) or cleanliness, which Gandhiji considered the most important for physical well-being and a healthy environment. The core of the Gandhian legacy is that the TRUTH is greater than that of all worldly possessions and that slavery, violence, injustice, and disparities are inconsistent with the truth. Health4All Online, a weekly health shows run by HEAL Foundation every Sunday from 8 am to 11 am in its 24th episode, deliberated on “The Importance of Gandhi Marg in Healthcare system”.

The author of ‘My experiments with Gandhi Marg’ Dr Virendra Singh, President, Rajasthan Hospital, Director, Asthma Bhawan, said, “We can solve day-to-day problems by applying Gandhi Marg without enmity. Success in anything is bound to come if you follow the Gandhi Marg persistently and patiently with honesty. The foundation of Gandhi Marg (ideology) is truth. According to Gandhiji, the harmony of thought, speech, and action can be said as true. Besides delivering their duties, if the healthcare workers follow the truth, the face of Indian healthcare will change automatically.”

Deliberating on how he got inspired by Gandhian philosophy and experimented on himself, which worked wonders in transforming his life and fortifying his belief in the Gandhian philosophy of truth and prodded him to write the book, Dr Singh said, “The THREE-Points that I picked from Gandhian Philosophy regarding the rectification of ‘Mistake’ not only transformed my life but also the lives of others with whom I have interacted. These three points were: Accepting mistakes with guilt; determining not to repeat the mistakes; Atoning for mistakes committed.”

Sharing his personal experiences with Gandhi Marg during the Health4All Online show, Dr Singh added, “I have experimented and found that the change of hearts can only be done through Gandhi Marg. If we do some planning in advance, we can resist many undesirable consequences of violence, agitation and crime. I have applied the Gandhian principle of Satyagraha (non-violence) that helped me end the strike of the contract workers of the hospital I was superintending in Rajasthan. I asked the people to volunteer their services as the contract workers were on strike, and people joined hands. Then the workers on strike came back to me and agreed to re-join and end the strike. This was perhaps the first case study in Independent India wherein satyagraha helped end strike. Gandhigiri also helps solve your problems. Gandhi Marg is always with truth. To follow Gandhi Marg, we need to have two things – TRUTH & BRAVERY. I have observed that helping others gives a different kind of happiness and satisfaction, which I have learnt from Gandhi Marg.”

While moderating the session of Health Counter during the Health4All show, Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder of HEAL Health & HEAL Foundation, said, “Of course, Gandhian principles are always relevant irrespective of age provided if we follow them wholeheartedly with truthfulness as the central message of Gandhian philosophy is the TRUTH. Also, the Gandhian legacy of simple living in conformity with the basic rhythm of life typifies the age-old wisdom of humanity. We need to educate the people about the basic principles of Gandhigiri.”

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