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Offered a last chance for students to enrol for September 2022 intake

Opens doors to 20+ most sought after universities across 10 prime countries

Witnessed footfall of over 1000 attendees comprising parents, students and dignitaries

 Mumbai (India), June 1: Leading study abroad consulting firm- Aliff conducted a post-graduation and MBA focused education fair over the weekend, at the magnificent Sofitel Hotel, Mumbai. This event was one-of-its-kind, as it not only discussed varied career options but was focused on providing guidance to those pursuing their post-graduate and Management degrees, abroad. To take things up a notch, this fair also facilitated immediate resources for those desiring to secure admission abroad for the September 2022 intake by inviting representatives of institutes still offering admissions.

The event was a massive success, with more than 800 student registrations and a footfall of more than 1000 attendees, comprising parents, students and dignitaries. The fair featured meetings with the representatives of 20+internationally renowned universities. Unlike most fairs that feature only a few chosen countries, Aliff Education Fair hosted universities from more 10 countries, including highly sought-after countries like Dubai, Switzerland, Spain, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

The fair also gave aspirants access to experts and mentors of complementing avenues such as career counselling, SOP writing, financial planning, IELTs coaching and more, making it a holistic affair. Many students also signed up on the spot for Aliff’s IELTS coaching, known for its effectiveness. They also took advantage of 50% discount on Aptitude tests and availed of FREE air tickets to their chosen country. A personal education loan expert was also present to guide parents and students about the process of loans, while interactive sessions with the travel agents gave them an overview of revised travel guidelines post-pandemic. All these services coming together under one roof highlights Aliff’s dedication to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to facilitating the study abroad dream of students. 

The day’s highlight was the presence of senior students, who had secured admissions in the last couple of years through Aliff’s guidance, sharing insights and learnings from their alumni who were invited to share their insights about studying abroad and their experience. This interaction truly helped students gain a better perspective from someone who had only recently made the journey they were seeking to set out on. Mr Asslam Shaikh, Founder of Aliff, also personally spoke to the students and expanded on Aliff’s vision of ‘global peace through global education. “Studying abroad broadens the students’ minds, fosters cultural awareness and tolerance, helping students to build international relations, thus fostering global peace and a better tomorrow. These students are growing to be global citizens, and we seek to empower them to shape a new world”, he said.

Overall, Aliff’s Education fair was mainly beneficial to each student, arming them with the information they required to make their decisions about getting their post-graduate degree abroad. It served as a testament to Aliff’s capabilities as an Edtech company, representing Aliff’s commitment to delivering only the best for its students. Encouraged by the response to this event, Aliff also announced its next fair in September 2022, which will focus on admissions and intake to universities for January 23 and September 23.

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