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Mega convention and awards night for Doctors, Dentists, Dermatologists, Surgeons
concludes at Iced A Than 2022, Goa
Goa Chief Minister Shri Pramod Sawant, Member of Parliament Dr. Thol
Thirumavalvan, Singer Hemasar Desai, Organizer Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced-a-thon
felicitated the winners.

Goa (India), May 16: Iced a Than 2022, a three day mega event for Doctors, Dentists,
Dermatologists, Surgeons, concluded with Award Night. The Chief Minister of Goa, Shri
Pramod Sawant, Member of Parliament Dr. Thol Thirumavalvan, Singer Hemasar
Desai, Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced-a-thon felicitated the winners on the occasion. The
three-day Iced A Than 2022 conference and workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Thol
Thirumavalavan, Member of Parliament. Dr. Thol Thirumavalavan is active in promoting

forensics and forensic odontology as one of the emerging disciplines. He also entioned
this in his speech in Parliament.
The keynote speakers in the program were Dr. VK Swami, Nisha Sharma, Prof. Guna
Chandran, Dr. V. Murugadoss, Dr. Ejaz Pasha KM, Dr. Chahal, Dr. Vidya Hari Iyer, Dr.
Akshata Shetty, Dr. Arun Srinivasan, Dr. Shorya Sharma, Dr. VR Ravi, Dr. Milli was
Arpan Shaw, Dr. Kanchan K. Mishra, Dr. Prashant Tripathi.
Iced A Than—first of its kind, proved to be a successful conference on emerging topics
such as Forensic Odontology, Medico-Legal & Emergency & Jurisprudence, Facial
Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Trichology, Implantology, Laserology, Stemcell, Regenerative
Medicine and Oncology.

Congratulations for the award night were Dr. Ashwin Hiremath, Dr. Pranav Raja Gopal,
Dr. Monogana Kolli, Dr. Gayatri Rao Kontham, Dr. Church Allwyn Raj, Dr. Saurabh
Parjane, Dr. Kajol Borge, Dr. Rani Priya, Dr. Shweta Kongi, Dr. Noel Francis, Dr.
Shobha, Dr. Dheeraj Naik, Dr. Monisha, Dr. Vignesh Sharma, Dr. Abdul Rahim Akbar,
Dr. Willam John, Dr. Shubhangi V. Arya, Dr. Gitapriya, Dr. Neelima Reddy, Dr. Ramu.K,

Dr. .Rokesh Kanna, Dr. Hariharan, Dr. Nandita Annad Kumar, Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty,
Dr. Srinath, Dr. Kalpana, Dr. Akil Parvil Subramaniam, Dr. Vidya Hari Iyer, Dr. Anurag
Rana, Dr. Shraddha Sharma, Dr. Jai Chamle, Dr. Neha Yadav, Dr. Kapil Sharma, Dr.
Lovlina, Dr. Naidu, Dr. Mohd. Jasoor, Dr. Ajins, Dr. Athira, Dr. Arnav Malhotra, Dr.
Sanjay Malhotra, Dr. Arshiya Merchant, Dr. Yasuratnam. Duddu, Dr. Mounika D, Dr. K
Akhilesh, Dr. Harish Waran, Dr. Sangeet Stephen, Dr. Vinodini, Dr. Hari Haran, Dr.
Muhammad Jasoor, Dr. Kahkashan Jabeen, Dr. K Abhirami, Dr. Prashant Tripathi, Dr.
Pooja Tripathi, Dr. . Jai Kumar Chamle, Dr. Chetan Sharma, Dr. Nida Syed, Dr. Ms.
Madhushree, Dr. Penaganti Sinhadri Naidu, Dr. Saravan Kumar, Dr. Sheikh Asiya
Sultana, JKKN Dental College, Dr. Sajid T. Hussain, Dr. Sunaina Kumar was awarded
for various categories for various achievements in medical service to Manipal.
On this occasion, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that "First of all, I want to
congratulate the doctor who came to Goa from all over the country, you came from
different parts of the country and attended the conference for three days. You all shared
something with each other. New learned and shared. I congratulate the entire team for
making the entire event a success. Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced A thon, the main
organizer of the event said that Iced A thon turned out to be a very successful event.
We respect all those people who have come from all over the country.
Singer Hemasar Desai made the evening of the event very special with his popular
song and made Iced A Than 2022 an unforgettable event.


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