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(L to R) Dr. Dileep Raman, Co-founder & Chief of Healthcare, Cloudphysician, Dr. Arindam Kar, Organizing Secretary, CRITICARE, Dr. Dhruv Joshi, Co-founder & CEO, Cloudphysician

April 9: Cloudphysician, a new age technology enabled healthcare delivery company has developed and deployed a Smart-ICU platform to manage ICU patients in hospitals across India. Highly trained Cloudphysician intensivists 24×7 manage ICU patients of these hospitals from a care center headquartered in Bangalore. The healthcare-as-a-service platform was started by Dr. Dhruv Joshi and Dr. Dileep Raman, both critical care doctors and pulmonologists who were working at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA, before returning to India to set up the company.

Speaking at the 28th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, CRITICARE 2022held at the Mahatma Mandir Convention Centre in Ahmedabad, Dr. Dileep Raman, Co-founder and Chief of Healthcare, Cloudphysician, said, “India can be a prime case for the world to demonstrate how healthcare can be elevated using technology. India’s widespread terrain makes it imperative that we find technology solutions to help the most critical patients in ICUs recover with better care wherever they may be located. Cloudphysician has managed the ICUs at over 70 hospitals across India and has served over 35,000 critically ill patients across India with a marked improvement in outcomes and a reduction in mortality rates and greater compliance with standard of care protocols.”

Quote from Dr. Arindam Kar, Organizing Secretary, CRITICARE, “In India, critical care resources have been estimated at only 2.3 beds per 1 lakh people. For context, Germany and Canada have 29.2 and 12.9 beds per 1 lakh population. There is a huge unmet need of ICU and ICU doctors. Technology can be a critical enabler – one that can help us bridge this gap. Every hospital, no matter where, will have to incorporate technology to remain relevant. I have seen first-hand the solution that Cloudphysician has developed and it is truly revolutionary. It allows a hospital to provide high quality care to its patients and the necessary support to its staff irrespective of the location. Even large hospitals can streamline and standardize their critical care and bring in efficiency and accountability by using Cloudphysician’s state-of-the-art RADAR platform. There are 2500 plus attendees and from over 150 cities and 20 countries around the world attending this conference. We are doing 15 workshops in 25 different learning formats. The COVID pandemic has allowed the traditional thinking take a quantum leap in terms of the way patients can be handled by at least 10 years”.

Dr. Dhruv Joshi, Co-founder and CEO, Cloudphysician added, “An ICU has the most critical patients in any hospital at one hand, and on the other hand there is a challenge of availability of high end expertise to manage these patients 24/7 in India, as also across the globe. Patients in ICU go through different phases of illness, needing the hospital treating physicians to provide personal attention to intensely critical patients. Our remote Care Center of the Smart-ICU solution forms the support layer that the bedside needs, providing much relief to the hospital and the hospital staff. Our solution has a wide adoption because the hospitals and doctors get the support and the information they need at their fingertips in real time 24/7 and the patients have a faster recovery in ICUs managed through Cloudphysician. In a few years we believe that most hospitals across the globe will adopt Smart-ICU solutions as it saves lives, money and anxiety of clinicians and patient families.”

About Cloudphysician:

Cloudphysician is a healthcare company that is transforming the delivery of critical care by leveraging technology. Cloudphysician uses its proprietary technology platform, RADAR, to connect Care Centers staffed with trained critical care personnel to ICUs remotely. These specialists use RADAR to monitor and manage patients 24/7, thereby improving the quality of care. RADAR digitizes and analyses patient data in real time using tools like computer vision and natural language processing and provides clinical decision support to super specialist doctors at the care center who can then assist the team at the bedside with the appropriate treatment that needs to be directed to patients at these ICUs. Inbuilt in RADAR are diagnostic tools to assist doctors and automated early warnings that alert caregivers. This allows a doctor to oversee the care of multiple patients at any given time, no matter the location – thereby addressing the quality of care, shortage of specialist doctors and improving outcomes of critically ill patients.

About CRITICARE 2022:

This annual conference is being hosted by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine and it will be a meeting place for researchers, professors and young doctors in Intensive Care across the globe to exchange their knowledge and to voice their innovations to the world. Topics will be revisiting the clinical practices, new technologies and drugs, as well as – and very importantly – the current initiatives to deal with new normal- the pandemic and post pandemic scenario of critical care.

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