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Curated by Shahrukh Khan to radiate a masculine aroma of excellence

July 30: India’s most revered icon, the undisputed ‘Badshah of Bollywood; there can only be one ‘King Khan’. He conquered the imagination of fans across the globe with his indomitable spirit, irresistible charm, and versatile talent. When the superstar himself curates an exclusive range of perfumes encapsulating his sensibilities and perfectionism, magic is bound to be created.

Inspired by superstar Shahrukh’s style, finesse, and persona, the Denver Autograph Collection radiates a mark of success and excellence. The collection bearing superstar Shahrukh’s signature is a must-have addition to any man’s life.

The premium range consists of 6 exciting variants –

  • White Leather
  • Ultra Noir
  • Regal Musk
  • Intense Oud
  • Mystic Ocean
  • Forest Wood

Each variant comes with a unique and distinctive style bearing SRK’s autograph as a mark of his sensuality.

White Leather

Inspired by profound and intense leather notes, White leather has a distinctive masculine and luxurious smell. The precious leather essence beautifully blends with the smoky fruit body creating an enticing perfume for men. The timeless sophistication of leather tends to get balanced out by a smoky, fruity texture making it a rich fragrance. The rare blend is the reminiscence of our prowess in the art of perfumery, which is bound to uplift your spirit.


Top Notes – Bergamot, leather

Heart Notes – Smoky fruit body and precious wood

Base Notes – Patchouli and amber


  • Features rich and calm leather at the top.
  • The smoky fruit and woody accord at heart.
  • It is a gas-free perfume
  • Non-Irritating Formula

Ultra Noir

Highly versatile, Ultra Noir, an aromatic Fougere fragrance, is both woody and fresh. Very clean and natural smelling, it is characterized by a touch of wood and the warmth of rich spices. This rare blend should be part of a full fragrance wardrobe.


Top Notes – Fresh Bergamot, Lemon oil Italian,

Heart Notes – Clary Sage French, Geranium oil

Base Notes – Vanilla bean extract, Labdanum ciste essence


  • Features the freshness of Bergamot and Italian Lemon at the top.
  • The deep texture of Sage & vanilla at heart.
  • It is a gas-free perfume
  • Non-Irritating Formula

Regal Musk

Citrus notes of mandarin beautifully blend with pink pepper in the Regal Musk. Topped with a citrusy twist, it is a rare combination of something raw and natural. Having its natural charm, this heavenly blend is an absolute essential.


Top Notes – Pink Pepper and Mandarin notes

Heart Notes – Warm musk and Juniper Berry

Base Notes – Aromatic wood and Velvety Suede


  • Pink pepper and Mandarin Notes at the top. 
  • The depth of Warm Musk and Juniper Berry in the middle.
  • It is a gas-free perfume
  • Non-Irritating Formula

Intense Oud

Intense Oud promises nature’s magic accentuated with Arabic Royal Spices. An aromatic spicy fragrance with Amber and Sandalwood at heart is regal in every essence. The artful blend of some of the rare ingredients makes it nothing short of ‘pure luxury.


Top Notes – Arabic royal spices

Heart Notes – Amber and sandalwood

Base Notes – Warm accord


  • Features the Arabic spices at the top.
  • The texture of amber at heart.
  • It is a gas-free perfume
  • Non-Irritating Formula

Mystic Ocean

Mystic Ocean is an oceanic fragrance, a perfect choice to uplift your spirit with freshness. Promising to make you feel close to the sea arouses your sensuality, making you smell fresh and irresistible.


Top Notes – Italian Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Green apple notes

Heart Notes – Fresh Spicy, Moroccan Jasmine

Base Notes – White Amber, Patchouli, and Musk


  • Features fresh citrus and sparkling apple at the top.
  • Spicy and Moroccan Jasmine fills the heat with richness
  • It is a gas-free perfume
  • Non-Irritating Formula

Forest Wood

A radically woody base that is beautifully blended with the richness of essential oils, Forest Wood, radiates a masculine smell that is also refreshing. This rare blend is crafted with high-quality rare material emanating subtle fragrance for the preference of today’s modern man.


Top Notes – Juicy Lemon and Calabria Bergamot

Heart Notes – Cypress oil and Fresh spices

Base Notes – Patchouli and sandalwood, musk


  • Features Juicy Lemon and Calabria Bergamot at the top
  • The richness of Cypress oil and Fresh Spices at the middle notes.
  • It is a gas-free perfume for men
  • Non-Irritating Formula

How to apply these perfumes

  • Remove the cap of the bottle.
  • Hold the bottle approximately 10 cm from your body.
  • Spray it on pulse points like wrists and neck.
  • You can also spray it on your clothes.

The first thing people notice about a man is not his outfit or haircut but how he smells. Superstar Shahrukh’s mere entry on the silver screen captivates the audience, and that kind of intense yet subtle fragrance is needed in a man’s perfume to turn heads. Denver’s SRK autograph collection promises exactly that radiating masculine aroma of excellence and success.

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