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May 24: Every activity in this world is digitising in the age of digitalization. Then how can money, the most important aspect of life, be ignored? The digital world expects digital money to be available by finger clicks on their phones. Although your mobile phone has always had money in the form of e-wallets, mobile banks, and other services, as technology advances, the entire human species advances towards comfort and ease.


The global economy is inexorably moving into a virtual ecology. From investment to money transfer, everything is done without paper. Cryptocurrency is the most recent and exciting addition to the virtual charge zone.


Entice Coin (NTIC), created by YaxSheth, Ebrahim Bangdiwala, Anshul Bisht, and Kunal Barad, has experienced meteoric success in FinTech using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


They change traditional banking techniques and represent the notion of Crypto Banking. They felt that by utilising the invention of cryptography, the world will be able to enjoy online transactions.


Not only that, but Entice has built its crypto community on numerous platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and various media, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Entice coin had a tremendous welcome during its inaugural presale, demonstrating the co-founders’ passion and service. Recently, they destroyed 52,808.77 entice coins, demonstrating how burning events may generate significant profits and promote demand for a specific cryptocurrency, they grew in popularity and were discovered by big Crypto Fame celebrities all around the world.


With this good enthusiasm, Entice coin will have important events in the next months following the enormous success of Presale 1.


They are returning with their second round of presale, which will begin on May 22nd, 2022, and will also include the Affiliate programme, through which existing crypto investors will be able to participate in it. One can also take advantage of the free merchandise Entice will provide as a mark of appreciation, the presale price will be doubled this time.


Along with that, Entice will release another major shot for NFT sales, which will begin on June 15th.

They have planned a ground-breaking Beta game launch for the month of July, which will be a crypto-based gaming platform where one may earn Entice coins for playing.


Entice has crypto mini-games for all new digital world experiences to enrich the gaming experience with the crypto ecosystem. Entice’s Crypto Mini-Games will change the way people play crypto games. Two people can engage in one-on-one games for money. Playing the mini-game allows you to gain entice coins (NTIC). This will not only expand the gaming frenzy but will also create an entirely new manner of earning in the crypto realm. Being rewarded will encourage both gamers and non-gamers to explore and advance in this technology means of earning and growing.


Entice Coins (NTIC) is gaining traction in the commercial and finance sectors. They’ve set out to revolutionise traditional banking by introducing the concept of crypto coins and currencies. The entire world will be able to perform online transactions using cryptography technology with crypto money, they will aid you in having a comprehensive technological and digital asset as an investment. Soon, cryptocurrency will be used as a medium of exchange on a global scale, just like paper money or actual money is now.


It is reasonable and worthy, but one must take small steps at first, and after witnessing the advantages and benefits, one will undoubtedly return and secure more and more money. Go to the Entice Coins (NTIC) website and start exploring the new crypto world.

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