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May 16: GRO loyalty is disrupting consumer loyalty and rewards program for all industries around the globe. our loyalty program exhibits feature which successfully removes all inefficiencies from a traditional loyalty rewarding program. GRO Loyalty is rewarding platform acts as a perfect marketing tool for creating a universal loyalty program powered by blockchain technology.

We not only aim to provide the most convenient loyalty program for better customer relationships and retention but strive to take cryptocurrency to the mainstream and give the power of loyalty rewards back to the consumers “Says CEO and Co-founder Dhruv Patel a technology enthusiastic having 20 years of technology experience”.

The team found a niche in developing custom programs to drive consumer behavior.

We as a team have addressed universal challenges in the current loyalty programs, according to our CFO and Co-founder Paresh Patel, retail expert having 21 years of retail business experiencein USA. “Current loyalty rewarding programs are completely broken”, “customers are all frustrated due to the limitations and exclusions that comes with earning and redeeming loyalty points or rewards, on the other hand businesses providing these loyalty programs are facing huge liability by carrying the cost of unredeemed points and waste full expenditure by managing these old and obsolete loyalty programs.”

Despite these challenges related to old and redundant loyalty rewarding programs, multiple research and survey proves that consumers have high interest towards these loyalty programs, further this survey indicates that nearly 85% of consumers do belong to at-least 1 or more of such loyalty programs and on an average each consumer is a part of nearly 25 -30 loyalty programs from different brands. Which nearly equates to over hundreds of billion dollars in terms of reward points distributed worldwide every year with a consistent growth rate of about 30% each year.

GRO Loyalty is a platform specially to solve these challenges and bring tremendous benefits to both businesses and their consumers. Our platform will allow consumers to earn crypto tokens known as GROL tokens as a reward for any activity or purchase, consumers can also directly purchase or gift these tokens for their efficient usage withing the ecosystem, so once you have earned or purchased these GROL tokens you can easily use them with any of the partnering merchants to buy and avail their products or services in exchange of GROL token.

GRO Loyalty solves some major issues which were very prominent in the traditional loyalty rewarding programs as GRO is powered through Blockchain technology it simplifies the process of earning and especially redeeming their reward points which allows consumers to effectively use these points without any loyalty card or an expiry date through GRO Loyalty Wallet.

“Through blockchain, users can receive and redeem loyalty tokens that are inter-operable across multiple programs”

These tokens never expire or lose value, unlike traditional reward points, here are few solutions that GRO Loyalty have addressed to make it viable for both consumers and businesses.

  1. It does not belong to a single authority

As this platform runs on a blockchain, the tokens issued cannot be revoked and is recorded publicly with maximum traceability on the blockchain. This is both a win for the consumer who doesn’t have to worry about their points expiring or being devalued before they can use them, and a win for businesses who gain greater customer loyalty by providing a better and more transparent customer experience.

  1. Simplified process

GRO tokens can be used and multiple stores within the ecosystem (partnered merchants), they can be easily stored for future usage, and more. Helping consumers and keeping them from enrolling into multiple loyalty programs, just one platform and GRO Token for their discount points on clothes, food items, travel miles etc….

  1. Highly flexible

With GRO loyalty tokens, consumer have more freedom for redeeming their tokens, they can either redeem them in small amounts or all of them together, its for them to decide and with GRO Loyalty they don’t have to abide to traditional complex point redeeming system with limited dates and unreasonable amounts.

  1. Reduced costs

GRO Loyalty program won’t take long years and hundreds and thousands of dollars to implement it is quick and very cost effective also due to blockchain’s ledger, you have a loyalty reward for your business at any given time.

  1. Maximum transparency

Users will know that companies cannot change rules or blockchain token amounts based on their will. This gives customers satisfaction that they can redeem what they want when they want.

  1. Less fraud with maximum security

GRO Loyalty as powered by blockchain technology is based on P2P systems, allowing absolutely no breach in the program or in your store in general. All necessary information is stored on the immutable blockchain ledger. The time-stamped database entries are irreversible preventing issues of fraud and transaction manipulation.

Why is there a need for GRO Loyalty?

4 basic reasons for you to adopt blockchain powered GRO Loyalty program.

  • Convenient implementation for shops of all sizes.

One of the reasons GRO Loyalty can be a game changer for both e-commerce and retail businesses is that it opens doors for smaller businesses to create loyalty programs of their own. Because the loyalty program can be implemented at a lower cost, it can be achieved on a smaller scale with less barrier to entry for new and small businesses.

  • Easier accounting.

In addition to reduced costs, another advantage is streamlined account management. GRO Loyalty isn’t just simpler for customers to manage without having to juggle multiple cards and accounts. From the business side, you won’t need an accounting team to have spreadsheets worth of numbers on who spent what and whose points are where.

  • Improved consumer relationships

Businesses know they need strategies beyond just having a compelling product to attract customers and keep them coming back for repeat purchases. Giving customers rewards for being loyal is one way to achieve repeat customers to any store. With GRO Loyalty, all stores can revamp their loyalty programs to make customers happier because they will have a greater ownership and flexibility over their rewards and a friction less experience

  • Access to huge customer data By using GRO Loyalty to create a network of partnerships where consumers can use their tokens GRO Tokens, a business gains access to an ecosystem of potential customers and numerous valuable consumer data like preferences, purchase frequency, effective spends etc….

Products and services industries are constantly changing along with their customer expectations, their pain points, and various other preferences like use of latest and convenient technology.

GRO Loyalty is a boon for loyalty programs causing greater disruption within the industry with more brands exploring its capabilities

It will be interesting and beneficial to experience this emerging technology and see how it scales throughout the globe including larger companies within its ecosystem.

Lastly it is very important to understand and to know more about GRO Loyalty and its background to understand its standing in the global competition, and the values it adds to the current reform for loyalty rewarding programs.

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