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Gurgaon (Haryana) [India], May 10: Gartner has resumed on-premises office operations from the Centre for Excellence (CoE), their biggest office space, at Gurgaon. Designed by Space Matrix, a leading multinational workplace design and building consultancy, the Gartner CoE is a consultancy firm. The Gartner CoE is a great example of how an office space designed to focus on employee wellbeing, engagement, WX (workplace experience) and future preparedness has to be. The new Gartner Centre of Excellence was designed as a R&D hub and is unique in not just its vision but also in terms being Gartner’s largest office globally.

As a talent-centric organization, Gartner lays down great emphasis on ensuring choice of work and creating spaces that enable employees to work in a focused manner. The launch of the CoE signifies ‘return to office’ for Gartner employees in India, after a two-year gap.  Several employees have now started working from the Gartner office for the very first time since their hiring. Thus, Space Matrix has focused on designing a workspace that offers a perfect mix of collaborative and social spaces as well as thoughtfully crafted focused work zones and quiet areas and a seamless brand experience. Experiential working alongside recreation has been emphasized in the new office. A luxe, hospitality-inspired look and feel carries through the entire office and is a great reflection of the brand’s global appeal. The design elements and color palette offer consistency to the office interiors across all floors. Walking through the space, you will see a lot of wood tones, natural marble and stone textures, and soothing blue, grey, and aqua hues. Yet, you will see design variations too, through patterned rugs, hand-finished tiles, and Mandala motifs that all change in tone and texture while still staying within the color family. Apart from offering variations, these patterns and motifs also bring a touch of the local aesthetics to the space.

The CoE can also boast of having the ‘cleanest air in India’, more proof of Gartner’s commitment towards the wellbeing of their employees. The office has been designed to include RESET© certified centralized and decentralized air purification systems and IAQ monitors for real-time visibility of indoor air quality. Planters, green walls, and other biophilic elements were also introduced to improve air quality and mimic the outdoors so as to reduce stress and elevate productivity levels. This LEED- and WELL-certified workplace has been designed in a way that every workstation has a good exterior view and healthy exposure to sunlight and biophilic elements. This enabling approach is evident even in the human-centric lighting fixtures and daylight and occupant sensors.

Anna Jacklin – VP APAC Real Estate Operations, Gartner, said, “India is one of the fastest-growing markets for Gartner, globally. Considering the needs of this market, and the talent we have here, it was decided that the Centre For Excellence in Gurugram should not only be our biggest hub in the world, but also a facility that underscores our commitment to sustainability and employee wellness. The last two years saw us steadily expand our workforce in India, and this is the first time many of them are actually going to work from a physical office with Gartner. Space Matrix has done an incredible job of ensuring that all our expectations from the project have been met and surpassed. The LEED and WELL certification of the building is a testimony to the world-class sustainability measures integrated into the project. The integration of Indian cultural elements in décor as well as biophilia for aesthetics further enhances the ambiance and helps people work in a relaxed healthy, and productivity-oriented manner.”

Speaking about this, Rachel Serrao, Head of Design, Space Matrix, said, “As a unique client with a global reputation, Gartner sets very high benchmarks as a talent-centric employer. Gartner already had a futuristic approach in its workspace and thus, we were able to transform it for the post-pandemic world, to optimize the ability of the employees to undertake focused work without any distractions. This also enabled us to ensure compliance with the official protocols as well as the company’s pandemic-related policies. At the same time, we had the responsibility of ensuring that the office is as much a delight for the environment as it is for the people working there.”

Adding further, Akshay Lakhanpal, CEO, Space Matrix, said, “Gartner is a very special client for us. In sync with the brief given to us, the workplace design has duly focused on employee wellness and productivity. Active workstations featuring height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, monitor arms, treadmill desks and balance boards are some salient elements that Space Matrix has incorporated into the R&D Hub. The aim is to empower employees to build workspaces as per their unique ergonomic and fitness needs.

Research shows that the number of sick leaves goes down in offices that offer good views and healthy natural light exposure. Keeping that in mind, Space Matrix designed the office in a way that the building mimics the outdoors, and reduces stress or anxiety among employees. The smart integration of natural lighting is also going to bring down operational costs and boost the sustainability factor further.

Even the lighting fixtures have been aligned to the natural circadian system and visual comfort through daylight and occupant sensors, smart lighting fixtures etc. Such simple yet impactful additions can lead to a 23% increase in alertness and a 19% increase in work performance. To make this CoE, a unique and highly-efficient workspace, Space Matrix has used the best of technology and signature Indian imprint through patterned rugs, hand-finished tiles, and Mandala motifs by bringing a touch of the local aesthetics to the space.

In a scenario where change is the new normal, Space Matrix aims to keep innovating and ideating ways of further enhancing the overall experience for everyone in the times to come.

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