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GPP ONE – An eco-luxurious Nature Villa community

New Delhi (India), February 17: Green Panther Properties is setting an unparalleled example by promising the GPP ONE resident access to free water and electricity for life, thanks to sustainable planning involving renewable energy sources.

Nature is mankind’s greatest ally. It supports us in every breath we take, every morsel we consume, and every comfort we cherish. But lately, we’ve been asking far too much and giving back too little.

The irrational depletion of natural resources has only increased the cost of electricity and water, not just for us humans but also for nature.

And the data only amplifies how unsustainable our current state of living is.

  • 80% of the total energy supply comes from fossil fuels, 4x the share of renewable energy sources (SOURCE: World Energy Outlook Report 2022, IEA)
  • Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels reached 414.72 parts per million in 2021, setting a new record high (SOURCE: NOAA Global Monitoring Lab)

But energy isn’t something that you or I can simply stop consuming. What we can do is be judicious in how we produce and use that energy.

With GPP ONE, Green Panther Properties is mapping out a sustainable way for humans to harness nature’s priceless resources.

GPP ONE aims to eliminate the cost of energy for both humans and the environment by fostering a self-reliant ecosystem.

“The idea is to do away with the concept of paid energy. Our long-time reliance on perishable energy sources has not only continued to burn a hole in our pockets but also set the environment on fire. It’s high time mankind shifted to renewable sources for its energy needs”, explained Mr. Amit Rao, the founder of Green Panther Properties.

GPP ONE is set to become the first-ever villa project in Gujarat to be 100% powered by solar energy supported by a robust infrastructure that will collectively harvest up to 350 KW to power the entire project and each villa individually.

To further contribute towards a greener lifestyle, instead of individual water pumps to extract water, the project implements one common borewell powered by solar energy at the project level. This water will be stored and supplied via a 24-meter-tall overhead tank through gravity, thereby reducing the dependency on electricity. This will ensure that each villa gets a sufficient water supply without paying for it, monetarily or environmentally.

But the team didn’t just stop their sustainability efforts there. To replenish and maintain the groundwater reserves, they’re also digging a dozen percolation wells, enabling water harvesting at a much larger scale.

In a time when sustainable living is on the list of necessities, Green Panther Properties have stepped up to make it possible and accessible.

GPP ONE – An Authentic Farmhouse Experience

The founding principles of Green Panther Properties are sustainability and coexistence. And their first residential villa project is a concrete manifestation of their ideologies.

GPP ONE is a one-of-its-kind luxury villa project near Ahmedabad that brings you closer to nature while simultaneously catering to your comforts. The project boasts all the luxury amenities of a villa combined with the rawness of wilderness, thus ensuring an authentic farmhouse experience.

One of the flagship experiences at GPP ONE is the option for residents to grow their own food. One can opt in for a specialized Poly-net house that allows them to grow a variety of organic vegetables and fruits.

Mr. Amit Rao added, “Our goal is to drastically reduce the impact of human activity on the environment on all fronts. GPP ONE will be a self-reliant life zone, nurturing a collective community of humans, flora, and fauna in one habitat.”

Coexistence is the Key

GPP ONE strives to go above and beyond the standard industry norms to set a new benchmark for sustainable residential projects. In addition to providing clean and free energy, the project strictly adheres to a green-to-grey ratio of 9:1.

Interestingly, this eco-luxury villa project near Ahmedabad doesn’t compromise on the luxury quotient either. GPP ONE, and all the nature villas within, are loaded with elite lifestyle amenities for an eco-friendly yet comfortable stay. While each ‘House of Life’ can be customized to cater to the personal needs of its dweller, the project itself hosts a plethora of communal amenities like a Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Tunnel Gallery, and a Multi-sports Court, among others.

The Future Needs to Look, Green

“We’ve gotten used to calling Earth ‘our’ home, overlooking the needs of fellow beings that also inhabit it. Our mindless indulgencies have pushed Mother Nature and her offspring to the brink of extinction. If we don’t take concrete steps right now, we might lose the only home we have.”

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