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July 6: In the olden day, precious stones were owned and worn by both genders. Distinction in the adornment of jewelry was almost inexistent as it would portray the different images men and women had in the society. Some common jewels like brooches, chains, belt and crowns (circlet) between the men and women are posed in since forever.

But in due course of time, men’s jewelry had cascaded away due to many known and unknown trends, which soon are coming back with recency as men’s jewelry is now having a growing acceptance during this modern era.

Jewelry, like art is also a type of self-expression and it surely brings out the various elements of a personality. For men, jewelry is a statement of individual style, a symbol of one’s unique personality, it is a compliment to an outfit and it surely helps in boosting one’s confidence. Like some men stack various pieces such as rings and chains and style different metal colors to oomph a maximalist approach. Yet, there have been some pretty elegant must haves that many men must possess as a sign of well-groomed personality, some of them are sleek watches, cufflinks, brooches, rings, cuff bracelets and chains with or without pendants.

Yet often, some prefer to bring out their own statements through style, which often are always looked upon in a positive manner. For instance, an individual themed piece is worn as a statement jewelry which is a great conversation starter yet also sparks conservative look of the beholder of the jewel.

For sure, jewelry is also a great gift for men as it securely symbolizes deep respect and adornment for the person and adds to the ensemble even when worn occasionally to parties or gatherings, as it can bring a great taste of personality.  Here’s what is recommended to all the men who wish to look fine and fly and elevate their looks with different types of jewelry:

  • Necklaces:

Men assuredly love to have that bling around their neck but one must be heedful with the style for an elegant and a dashing look. Make sure the chain is of a careful length with or without a pendant. A pendant could follow on the theme of religious, textured, unique personal token from loved one or custom dog tags.

  • Rings:

Men surely are loving the ice on their fingers, but rings can be a little tricky business if not matched up well. One can style up with individual rings but ensure to include pieces such as a statement revolving around signet or sovereign rings. For stacking rings up, bands are the best options out there. One can bring out a bit of a variety with their rings but ensure there is a subtle common theme each ring follows. Decorative stamping, engraved initials, diamond and gemstones are some of the great features that can be added on to the ring along with various forms, finishes and textures.

  • Studs:

As for the studs, for the stags out there, a single gemstone stud can bring out the finest of a man of classics. Hoops with or without a dangler are an upcoming choice of favor amongst men.

  • Cufflinks:

One must not be afraid to pick something that catches his eye as cufflinks are one of the best buys. One can also choose cufflinks with variety of gemstones such as: tiger’s eye quartz, black onyx, chalcedony-a shade of blue, jadeite and many more for a look of luxe.

  • Bracelets:

As for the bracelets, all a man has to do is choose something that he feels sets his vibes and brings out a piece of personality that will surely amp up his overall loo. Since he’s got numerous options within the metal textures, styles and metal to pick from.

So, whether a man wears his jewelry as a symbol of his own or wants to depict he’s a man of class, or even wishes to add more glamour to his overall outfit, all he has to do is keep in mind few things while styling. That is ensuring all metal colors matches on the notes of a similar tone, men have an array of finishes and styles available to pick from, metal options ranging between stainless steel, silver and/or gold.

Some jewelry styling recommendations that will surely take your outfit to a next level:

  • Titanium will compliment well with a casual, your work and semi formal looks
  • Rhodium plated or white metal goes well with most men’s wardrobes and is highly encouraged
  • Some must-have jewelry with elements that can be incorporated: black and/or blue enamel, black and brown diamond.

Style without a question brings out more of a man, so he must not be afraid to try a little shine and elevate their look with some precious stones and metals as it confidently speaks for the man, his style and his desire.

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