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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 11: Marwadi Financial Services announces the launch of Crypto Connect, a dedicated research desk designed to apprise Indians on virtual digital assets. On the back of a massive spurt in crypto transactions, a 30% tax on gains from crypto trades was declared in the Indian Union Budget 2022, with 1% taxed at source (TDS). Crypto Connect is a platform where individuals will have easy access to information and research on cryptos. Through unbiased research, Crypto Connect will act as a guide and educate them about the new age asset class. Crypto Connect will not be making recommendations on the buying or selling of crypto, rather it is a platform for well-researched crypto information. Its focus is purely knowledge dissemination.

A salient feature of Crypto Connect is that it is rooted in quantitative analysis, helping rule out human discretion and bias involved in decision-making. Quant-based models are data-driven, and are made as per pre-defined rules. People will find in Crypto Connect, a tool that dispels worry and empowers them with the knowledge to understand this new digital asset.

Speaking on the launch of India’s first crypto research desk, Keval Bhanushali, CEO, Marwadi Financial Services elucidates, “It is no wonder that crypto is gaining traction as digital assets are easy to trade and promise exponential growth in a short timeframe. Indians are looking to supplement existing returns from stocks and mutual funds, and we want to ensure they are making the right choices while keeping the necessary fail-safes in place. Crypto penetration in the country is high, and our goal is to educate society with unbiased research.

As a nation, we are still recovering from the pandemic and so we want to ensure people build rather than compromise on their futures. India has over 10 crore crypto asset investors with more than 8,000 cryptos being traded every day. However, over 90% of these cryptos will bust sooner or later. Crypto is a disruptive technology, so it is only necessary that the larger population is made aware of the benefits and the risks associated with it. To ensure that people do not lose their hard-earned money, Crypto Connect has been envisioned to empower individuals as they navigate the world of virtual digital assets with confidence.”

Diving into the product, Manit Ankhad, Head of Crypto Research & Vice President, Marwadi Financial Services said, “Crypto Connect is tailored to meet crypto enthusiasts where they are and take them towards their journey. India is a young nation hungry for the next big thing in finance, and our free research is designed to help individuals access important information and statistics on crypto. Crypto Connect offers informative reports exploring the latest developments in the space and in-depth, coin-specific research reports for thorough assessments. These will serve as a quick guide for people on their crypto curiosities.”

Despite high trade volumes in the country, there is a lack of quality information and knowledge in the domain of crypto. Crypto Connect by Marwadi Financial Services demystifies virtual digital assets for the progressive Indian through blogs, research reports, top rankings, and expert opinions to bridge the information gap and educate them.

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Marwadi Financial Services (Registered as Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited) is the investment and financial services arm of the 3 decade young Marwadi Group. The group was incorporated in 1992 and has ventured into various sectors that include financial services, education and solar power. Across its verticals, the Marwadi group has witnessed steady growth and has a strong team of 2,500+ employees. The company has its spread across 97+ geographical locations across India, with over 500 partners to serve the strong community of over 4 lakh+ esteemed customers. With enabling and empowering their customers on their wealth creation journey, the company offers a wide range of financial products and services that include equity, commodity, currency, depository facilities, IPO and mutual fund distribution, and advisory services. Marwadi Financial services is a trusted financial services solution provider. Through its robust business model, it delivers unmatched value to those seeking financial freedom. The company’s mission is to provide quality advisory services, not just to the existing set of loyal customers but to all investors across geographies in India, through innovative digital-first solutions and AI-based models. As a trusted, strategic financial partner Marwadi Financial Services is deeply committed to gaining the customer’s confidence in investing for their financial well-being.

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