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A getaway to remember to a peaceful abode that is Mountain Hamlets Lansdowne by Jannat Village.

April 20: Mountain Hamlets Lansdowne

Our Vision: What we envisioned was a future oriented approach, while others were selling whims and fancies, we wanted to offer reality, in its true sense. We are offering integrated and planned approach to all your searches. The cumbersome process of finding a land in mountains is beyond imagination. This is what we analyzed with our thorough research. We figured out the need for a 360-degree approach which offers land along with cottages with a single point of contact, without the hassle of running around for permissions, documentations and what not!

We managed our outreach through our YouTube channel “Jannat Village” which has wide reach and shared real-time videos and information. Not only this, but we also shot videos of buyers which included their experience and feedback, and once we got their feedback, we saw our vision taking the shape of reality.

While things were taking shape, we regularly shared the progress of our projects with our customers. We always kept our buyers positively engaged through our updates on social media. Through the common platform, we ensured are always a part of our success story.

Who are we?

Mountain Hamlets/Jannat village is precisely is a brand saga of two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who have experienced all the highs and lows of real estate market and hospitality industry. Subsequently, they are Building a new story of this through another company called Holiday Halts Pvt Ltd.

With an entirely brilliant approach, the two entrepreneurs are shaping this project to ensure that everyone gets their dream home in the mountains and enjoy the peace away from the city. Mr. Rahul Diwakar is very much passionate about his work and digs into every detail possible; furthermore he is never hesitant to go an extra mile to deliver the best.

Mr. Vicky Dahiya, who is changing the market experience with his ardent approach and creative ideas so that our buyers can experience the best since we are not at all compromising on quality.


Well, nothing comes easy, but all we needed was right approach to achieve our goals. We were never afraid of challenges. We always took these challenges positively and with a solution-oriented approach and our problem-solving skills, we managed to overcome every hurdle which awaited us.

Convincing the landowners to sell their lands, it took us two years to acquire acres of land. We never gave up because of our will to deliver what our buyers were looking out for. To deliver the best cottages in mountain was our only objective.

Why choose us?

The market out there had plenty of options for buyers which made the environment competitive. However, we knew that we are delivering aptly what is the need of the hour. We managed to offer the desirable location, which was economical, affordable, and secluded for the cottages in mountains. Nonetheless, the location was easy to reach and had all the amenities around. We were offering a very crucial thing that is peace which is so difficult to locate.

Our offerings

We offer your dream home in dream locations, the one basis buyers’ expectations. We considered every aspect that buyers were considerate of. Our project, Mountain Hamlets Lansdowne is the nearest getaway to Delhi where you can own a serene second home in budget.

We specially design-Tiny studios for small family with little garden area and Tiny Villas and Farm houses in hilltop in Pulinda, Lansdowne Uttarakhand India.

Eventually we started providing land to people through local source in the region of Hamlet’s and then we arranged a contractor for construction. Subsequently, we evolved as a problem-solving company offering peaceful ambience at Mountain Hamlet’s.


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