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New Delhi (India), May 2: Fitness has become sacrosanct in the post-pandemic world and paving way for millennials to be more mindful of their fitness, influencer Mukti Gautam is fast creating a revolution on her social media. Having worked consistently as an environmentalist in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, she realised that a lot of Indian women are struggling to lose weight. Ask her why and she says, “They have very little knowledge about healthy lifestyle and following fad diets for Quick results. It is leading to health problems like PCOS, thyroid, and digestion problems.”

For the past few years, she has gone from Fitness Coach to entrepreneur, primarily a good-doer who wishes to change the fitness landscape. “People believe fitness is consuming and excruciating. I want to break these notions. I decided to share my Journey and tips in order to make things easy for women through my YouTube channel. I then got certification for fitness training to learn more about fitness and health. Then I left my job once I collected money for a camera so that I could record good quality video for my Subscribers. Now I have 9.8Lakh subscribers,” she says, with a hint of pride about her work thus far.

Helping women to Stay fit and Healthy and lose weight at the same time with a simple home diet has been her agenda. “It is not very difficult. Balanced meals comprising Rice, Chapati, Daal, Milk, mango, bananas etc and Home Workout is enough. I aspire to guide people about how much to eat, how to eat, quality of food etc.  My brand OMDHATU AYURVEDA taps into ancient ayurveda and promotes a better lifestyle. Om Dhatu Ayurveda places great emphasis on balancing all the dhatus in our body. We do this by providing you 100% Ayurvedic and 100% Handmade, Organic products put together through the traditional Ayurvedic process which enhances the system.”

Growing from strength to strength, Gautam is creating a trajectory that takes people back to ayurvedic roots of the country.

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