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New Delhi (India), January 04: Leaders in the B2B marketing space have been jolted to a new reality. They have begun to realise how instant access to information changes the modern B2B buying cycle. Instead of being passive recipients of one-way communication, B2B customers are now in the driver’s seat, empowered and armed to the teeth with information.

Today, we are in conversation with Mr. Neeraj Khanna—founder and CEO of Oxper Martech, who believes that instead of making them unwilling recipients of untargeted, untailored “broadcast” marketing, it’s time B2B marketers take a hyper-personalised approach to win over key accounts.

Here’s what he has to say:

  1. So, there has been quite a buzz about how present-day B2B digital marketing is dead. Do you believe that to be true? What’s your take on it?

Interruptive is not working anymore, attention spans have reduced drastically and ‘spray and pray’ is a sure shot recipe to disaster. Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you didn’t click on the ‘skip’ button on Youtube (given an option)? Those initial 8 pages of ads in a newspaper are more interesting than the news, or emails from credit card companies ever caught your fancy?

Times have come to forgo ‘spray and pray’ for account-based marketing with highly resonating communications, snackable content and behavioural targeting. Along with this, the adaptation of present-day martech is a game-changer.

  1. You were helping leading organisations in the United States with B2B marketing using tech stacks. Why did you decide to come back to India and start a services agency of your own?

Coming from an era of digital marketing where everything was on dial-up, helping a small astrologer to a large conglomerate, I have had vast experience with how things evolved. I realised in 2017 that B2B marketing really needed a paradigm shift—the way it was executed, which led me to establish my own production company, which we call ‘Oxper’ today.  An attempted failure at creating a proprietary B2B marketing stack resulted in immense insights, coupled with sensing a huge opportunity in the B2B marketing space, and got me back in India.

  1. So, as you mentioned that Oxper was initially formed as a product company. What made you take the agency route and become a service-oriented organisation instead?

Ahh, the reason for Oxper branching out into a B2B marketing services agency is two-fold. Firstly, as I mentioned the adaptation of DIY tech stacks in India is very low. Secondly, after investing a year of time, energy, and resources into developing my own product, I realised that my talents are best utilised in helping B2B enterprises with their marketing initiatives. So, I formally re-incubated Oxper as a services agency in 2020.

  1. What is the significance of the name “Oxper” and how did you come up with it?

‘Oxper’ was born out of a phrase—Orchestrating Experiences. Our methodology, while acknowledging the customer journey, intends to make prospects imbibe a message at their subconscious level. The basic preamble of our approach is—neuromarketing, which has been in existence for a very long. While content consumption is at an all-time high, AI-powered stacks take a prospective customer from initial consideration to the moment of purchase through content orchestration.

  1. That’s interesting. Can you walk me through the USPs of your B2B marketing company?

The differentiation we bring to the table is to leverage technology to build efficiencies in the execution process. Acknowledging the changes in human behaviour, along with understanding the ever-evolving B2B marketing landscape, we precisely target each account in an ABM play with highly-resonating, ‘snackable content’.

  1. How has the journey with Oxper been so far, and what are some marquee clients you’ve partnered with in the last two years?

When we first started our operations, we were faced with intrigued yet resistant clients who stuck up for age-old B2B marketing conventions. Today, as we work with clients like—Airtel, Mahindra, John Deere, ECU Worldwide, Ion Exchange etc., who are known for their marketing prowess, we feel proud to have delivered them with exceptional results that could be a masterclass in modern B2B marketing.

Lastly, Mr. Khanna revealed that he has some big expansion plans on the horizon. He left us with these parting words: “This is just a starting point for our agency. We have recently opened a head office in Dubai and are looking forward to spreading our wings in Europe and the U.S. as well.”

To know more about Oxper—India’s pioneering agency that offers a full suite of B2B marketing services, visit their website –

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