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New Delhi (India), February 12: Philip Kotler, the Father of Marketing, was awarded the RISE Lifetime Achievement Award at the 9th edition of the RISE World Summit 2022. This was to commend and recognize his contribution to the field of marketing and the usage of his concepts to help provide a path to economic initiatives across the globe for decades and social good in recent years.

While many fortune 500 organizations have benefitted from his ideas on marketing and strategy, the same concepts have also helped numerous social sector organizations take their messaging far and wide to create impact at scale to support millions of vulnerable communities.

The Summit was a 3-day celebration of many such organizations and institutions from 56 countries representing the entire spectrum of the SDGs and working tirelessly to achieve the Agenda 2030. To give them a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate, RISE Infinity Foundation, along with Idobro Impact Solutions, curated a virtual networking space named RISE PECOworld community, which saw 4127 individuals sign up to be a part of the over 100 hours of programming delivered by 200 experts under 20 formats including film festivals, virtual tours, signature roundtable discussions, workshops and even yoga sessions.

During the entire length of the summit, the attendees had the opportunity to listen to thought leaders like Dr. Kiran Bedi, Jalpa Ratna- Chief of Field Services at UNICEF, Chaitanya Prasad- OSD at the Union I&B Ministry, Cheryl Kiser- Executive Director at the Lewis Institute, Babson Social Innovation Lab, Elizabeth A. Vazquez- CEO & Co-Founder of WEconnect International, Jonathan Kennedy- Director Arts India at British Council, Anshu Gupta- Founder Director of Goonj, Anna Lekvall- Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai, Philip Black- Director and Head of Strategic Partners and Trainings at COVID Student response network (CSRN), Dato’ Dr. Hartini Zainudin- Founder of Yayasan Chow kit, Cheryl Pinto- Executive Director of Corporate Services at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Walter Vieira- Former Chairman at International Council of Management Consulting Institutes among other luminaries.

Prof. Kotler joined the Closing Plenary and was awarded the RISE Lifetime Achievement Award by Cheryl Kiser, and with it, Karon Shaiva- Convenor of the RISE PECOWorld, Chief Impact Officer & MD at Idobro Impact Solutions / RISE Infinity Foundation, also congratulated him for his 90th birth anniversary. Gopal Sankaranarayanan- Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, was also awarded the RISE Citizenship Award for his zeal and commitment to using the judicial process for social and sustainability issues and their impact on the future of our world.

In his acceptance note, Prof. Kotler shared, “RISE Infinity Foundation and I share the same values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco(system) friendly that will help build a better world and a greener planet. I published my autobiography recently; it’s called “My life as a Humanist”. Much of what I discussed in the book is humanism, capitalism that works for everyone, not for the few, building a better democracy, company marketing and the common good. We are living at a time when a number of great changes are converging at the same time. I am honoured to be talking to the members and audiences of RISE, and I thank you for awarding me the wonderful lifetime achievement award this year.” 

Karon Shaiva is the Convenor of the RISE PECOWorld, an innovative space for thought leaders to influence action and outcomes for the SDGs. She firmly believes that PEACE is the ultimate indicator of development, not the esoteric variety, but one that comes from the absence of conflict, be it internal or external between people, people v/s nature or nature v/s nature.  Karon is passionate about people-powered solutions based on Partnership, Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, and Ownership (PECO) to address some (if not ALL) of the world’s most pressing issues in a Shared World.  Karon Shaiva is constantly connecting people because together, we multiply our impact. She is the Chief Impact Officer of IDOBRO Impact Solutions and the Managing Trustee of RISE Infinity Foundation.  

The RISE Infinity Foundations (RIF), established in 2014, strengthens individuals and institutions for positive action and collective impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim objective is to help create a more Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly society. 

Idobro’s end-to-end approach seeks to overcome systemic barriers, provide market-based solutions and forge alliances driven by shared values and activated at 3 levels in the ecosystem. In the past 12 years, Idobro has established itself as a resource centre for Research, Implementation, Stakeholder Relations and Evaluation. We apply the critical lens of Gender, Innovation, Finance and Technology (GIFT) for deeper insights into diversity, inclusion and sustainability issues.

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