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Packaging can be theater; it can create a story – Steve Jobs.

November 21: As per the Food Industry Association report, an average supermarket is a house for nearly 30,000+ different products1 and all waiting to seek consumer’s attention. That is where product packaging comes into the picture, and this is what makes packaging a theater to display a good story.

Successful brands are aware of how critical packaging is to product sales. An appealing and captivating packaging design can boost sales because first impressions are vital to sales. Brands in the pursuit of creating that first best impression use dynamic colors, designs, and taglines because for products placed in supermarkets, the sales mantra revolves around, “Jo diktha hai vahi bikta hai.

The adage “the first impression is the last” is incredibly accurate, when it comes to products because much of a consumer’s first impression is determined by how the product is designed and packaged. The visuals are one of the key factors in determining the company’s ability to distinguish itself from its competitors and exhibit other important consumer influencing factors like sustainability, safety, better storage, guidelines to use the product, and identification of product differentiation. Consumers try new brands/products when they are intrigued by the package design.

The market for packaging design services, estimated to be worth $21.9 billion in 2020, is anticipated to increase to $31.9 billion by 2030. It is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 3.7%.2 Pavan Java Studio responds to this surging demand for packaging design by viewing it as a visual language for communicating with consumers. Commenting on their approach to package designing, Pavan Java says, “We believe that package designing is a blend of design and human psychology as its ultimate goal is to grab attention. But we also believe that this goal of package designing must extend further and should also intrigue the consumer to pick and check out the product. Therefore, while designing for a product, our team comprehends the brand’s persona, complements it with market knowledge related to customer expectations while buying such products, and ultimately culminates these two into designing.”

Standing true to their approach, Pavan Java Studio recently associated with Allana, the largest exporter and market leader in frozen & chilled meat, aseptic & frozen fruit & vegetable products, and coffee & spices. Allana has been a world leader in producing and exporting frozen halal boneless meat.

Consumers look up to Allana as a high-quality frozen meat provider that is organic and full of nutrition and health benefits. With a successful stint as a market leader in meat exports for many years, Allana announced its venture into the domestic retail sector with Premier and Saffa. The brand’s creative brief called for a package design that would complement both the quality of the product and its established market reputation.

A company’s success depends on packaging that fosters brand awareness since consumers are more likely to recommend a product when it is packaged aesthetically and conveys useful information. Businesses can gain a lot from developing unique and imaginative product packaging that also takes into account the nuances of consumer demand. “When we started the Allana journey, our idea was to make the consumer notice the two important aspects of the meat – organic and the health benefits. We also had to ensure that Premier and Saffa look different despite belonging to the same brand. So, the challenge was to create a unique identity for both yet synergise them within the Allana brand,” added Bosco Soares, General Manager, Pavan Java Studio.

“The challenge was to convince customers to choose our meat over the products that had been on the shelves for a while because it is extremely chaotic for a new brand to find room in a retailer’s meat freezer. However, the Pavan Java team complemented the freeze-packing with an interesting design element by packing the flat tray with sealed meat in stand-up pouches for better visibility and handling, which created a visual impact. Similarly, the usage of typography made the product stand out and the images of meat were also strategically placed to let the user understand what they are buying,” said Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Marketing lead – Allanasons Private Limited.

Typography is one of the essential elements that add to the appearance of a product. Packaging can enhance the value of goods by raising brand recognition, using elements like typography and color innovatively, and showcasing a unique selling proposition. Contrarily, user-friendly packaging can encourage favorable thoughts for your products, aid brand awareness, and communicate other expectations of the end users.

“For Premier, we played with color and typography. However, for Saffa, we wanted to make the packaging resonate with the product assurance of being organic. Therefore, Organic Grass-fed fresh frozen meat vacuum freeze packed in trays were used with a partially clear window to show the freshness of the actual meat inside. To emphasize the organic aspect, we used green as the primary color of the package. Topping the design, the package also had a nutrient chart at the front backed by the 7 promises from the brand to win the consumer’s trust after they pick the package,” added Santosh Chaurasia, Senior Visualizer, from Pavan Java about designing the Saffa packaging.

Brands can attract new consumers by being more aware of how to offer unique selling propositions for their products. Product packaging and design can help them with this. Service providers like Pavan Java can facilitate adept packaging by communicating the value proposition, which will significantly encourage more intrigue and consequently boost sales and consumption.

With its unique approach and expert team, Pavan Java Studio has been catering to this value-adding service and weaving interesting success stories in package designing. Their clients vouch for their ability and timely delivery of the projects. Pavan Java Studio considers itself a tutee of the ever-changing world. The team is observant and constantly evolving their skills to up their game as an agency.

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