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Mr. Satinder Chawla, MD, Span Floors

The importance of integrating and communicating ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance Inputs by Mr. Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, Span Floors

October 3: The world, as we can see, is faced with certain challenges. We have a situation regarding global warming and changing weather patterns, we have another situation where materially we have grown exponentially but morally there has been a not so good change in terms of deteriorating values.  Talking about education, we are producing hoards of unemployable youth who, lacking skills, are unable to contribute as much as they could have or worse may turn to a life of crime to fulfill their desires.

At Span floors, it is our thought that the only sustainable way to create wealth is by adding value to people’s lives. Accordingly, our ESG plan is simple:

Environmental Impact – We break this up into 2 parts – First is the impact on the indoor building environment and the other is the impact of the building on the outside world. Talking about indoors, we look at the impact wood floors have on the indoor air quality. This basically looks at the type of chemicals used to manufacture and finish the floors and the emissions from them. As regards the outdoor impact, it comes from how and where the wood has been sourced from. We conduct regular training sessions, webinars, and YouTube videos for the industry participants where we talk in depth about these in a simple manner so that they can connect it with their day to day lives and can apply the data learnt. Our internal staff training is accordingly designed too and the team feels happy in the knowledge that whatever work they are doing within the organization, it in some manner, contributes to solving the problem rather than enhancing it and at the same time helps them economically.

Social – The education initiative with regards to materials as explained above does contribute to being classified as a social action. However, we go beyond. Regular trainings are conducted for our staff where we work with each individual to create an individual training plan. These trainings, while educating them on how to do each of the actions within their job profile better so that it delivers fullest value, also at the same time, handles their study related capability. We use something called “The Technology of Study” which teaches the correct way to study anything so that the data can be fully grasped and applied to produce the desired results. This itself produces a lot of beneficial change in an individual and he learns that it is possible to study and learn any skill and master it so that the desired value can be provided to the organization and society and income earned which is fully deserved.

Governance – Being an SME, we take pride in the fact that our mutual actions as an organization contribute to nation building. While in this age and time, it might be thought that nation building is only talked about because it looks good, we do not feel so at Span Floors. We understand that we can only grow to the extent that India and Indians grow. So it makes sense that we follow the rules that lead to the greatest good for the greatest numbers. Our team as whole understands that and know that their incomes are ultimately derived from the consumer who chooses to trust the Span Floors brand and gives us an opportunity to help them in their goal of making a beautiful home. Thus, it is our responsibility to give them full value by giving them wood floors, facades and decks that not only look good and are durable but also contribute to good health in terms of product emissions as well as a positive impact on the general environment.

ABOUT Mr. Satinder Chawla, MD, Span Floors-

Compassionate and Altruistic, Mr. Satinder Chawla considers his acknowledgements from social work as his only Achievements in life. Along with providing the customers best from the wood industry, Mr. Chawla has been working arduously on generating awareness on the issue of sustainable forestry as well as the impact of certain chemicals on indoor air quality as well as human health by conducting seminars on the subject to industry participants. In addition, he works regularly with various NGOs providing free of cost training to educators, research fellows, government functionaries, interns on various aspects of improving study capability and management skills. As a keen learner, he spends a considerable amount of his time in training himself & his team and channel partners about his products as well as management techniques.


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