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May 6: A stairway to the skyline: Entrepreneurs & Startups now can share their brands story on

A visionary of sorts, is a platform that promotes start-ups and entrepreneurs in media space by publishing stories of startups companies view, vision, journey, leadership and plans can be articulated through the site, building a brand presence and marketing channel. is featuring informative stories around everything that goes on in the startups ecosystem, including funding, trends, news, successes, and struggles. is a launching pad for new entrants. What’s more, you get equal attention and clout, irrespective of your industry, sector, or language. Once enlisted, entrepreneurs can avail themselves of resources to enrich their position in the competitive landscape.

What makes stand out?

Getting started is no joke! There are several tribes and tribulations at play. Precise resources serve as a helping hand for startups to get their footing. The site is all about providing a platform to tell your startups stories and journey! constantly interacts with Entrepreneurs, Founders, Visionaries Leaders, and problem solvers who are bringing change to society by their unique ideas and innovations.

The platform helps you get out there by featuring stories and brand journeys. Plus, it has a repository of interviews with the CEOs, Founders, and Co-Founders, and updates about Funding and Investment.

Who is the platform for?

A standout or unique selling proposition is that the website helps publish stories of all kinds of startups companies, be it Healthcare, AI, Technology, E-commerce, or Fashion. has a simple agenda to promote vocal to the local and global vision of startups and entrepreneurs because this is the main pain point of startups to get attention and recognition

At the outset, companies are of two types: product-based and service-based. The team at StartupsDekho is fully aware of this fact and keeps in mind when offering their guidance. is ideal for kick starting your entrepreneurial journey by leveraging nothing but your startup story.

”In view the founder of the company Atul Khampariya, India is going to become a startup nation now the rise of startups in India have grown remarkably huge in numbers in last few years according to one survey India has become 3rd largest ecosystem in the worlds after the US and China it said ‘’

Indian Startups are achieving milestones day by day now India has reached 100 Unicorn Startups and hoping many more in the coming year.

It’s a clear sign of growth of India’s Economy & Startups Ecosystem.

Nowadays we have witnessed that There is no age of starting business or a startups we have seen that entrepreneurs from the age of 18 to 50 years are starting their new venture and get recognised and awarded for their achievement & contribution like 30 Under 30 , 40 Under 40, 35 under 35 and 50 under 50, Startups Founders and business leaders are being recognised by various reputed media house for their leadership & achievement. has been launched by Media Dekho Services Private Limited agenda of launching is simple to promote Startups and emerging entrepreneurs , Because to start a business, startups or venture is easy but to sustain and take that next level is challenging especially in marketing and PR related needs  we believe that every startups needs PR and Marketing exposure and attention in the market to make its presence and recognition for the next level , will work as a communication tool to share Startups brand’s story, Achievement ,the startup’s story from Zero to Hero.

So what are you waiting for if you are emerging Startups or company entrepreneurs and you have a story share with us at

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