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Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 8: It is praiseworthy to mention that more than 500 students got A1 grades and more than 830 students got A2 grades by studying online throughout the year with the Vidyakul application and made a new history in the whole of Gujarat.

The result of standard 10 of March 2022 was announced yesterday, in which many students of the online education platform Youth Vidyakul got 95 per cent & above. By studying online with the Vidyakul application throughout the year, more than 500 students got A1 grades, and more than 830 students got A2 grades, creating a new history in Gujarat.

Whether it is a city or a remote village in Gujarat where getting a good education is concerned, Youth Vidyakul is a dream. More than 6 lakh students from Std. 9 to 12 are getting free education through YouTube, and parents of these children are pretty happy to realize their children’s dreams for a bright future.

The team of Vidyakul feel it is a privilege to start this small endeavour to provide home education to all the children of Gujarat, today reaching home like a huge banyan tree and educating millions of students. Tarun Saini, CEO of Vidyakul and Rajneeshbhai Kheni and Bhavinbhai Dudhat, state directors of Vidyakul Gujarat, have been working continuously since the year 2019 to spread their efforts toward the children of remote villages of Gujarat.

Tarun Saini says, “As the historic result of this year, we are determined to get A1 grade for 2000 students in Gujarat in 2022-23. And by going to Playstore and downloading the Vidyakul application, you can get basic education of standard 9 to 12 for free.”

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